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ArduPilot Developer Community

ArduPilot is an open-source software suite for unmanned autonomous vehicle systems that was started in 2007 and exploded in popularity in the early 2010s. This software is the driving force of our flight controller, and its robustness and maturity enable our developers to easily build applications that can control the F-11. Our drones provide a unified interface between the onboard Jetson and our flight controller so that the two can communicate efficiently.

ArduPilot is the largest open-source framework for flight controller stacks, and comes with the largest developer community. There are a tremendous amount of resources and discussions over on the forum, including questions from new developers and project highlights from seasoned developers.

Developer Discord

The ArduPilot Discord has over 12,000 members that are dedicated to using and improving the ArduPilot suite, and is a great place for potential F-11 developers to learn more. ArduPilot has a healthy community that facilitates discussions on a wide range of topics, from AI to research to hardware development. Developers of the ArduPilot platform itself also hold a weekly meeting to discuss news and development of features.

We are continuously impressed and inspired by the ideas that are brought up and implemented by the community, as can be seen below. We are especially excited for the integration of machine learning and AI into this platform.

One interesting ArduPilot development led to an integration between ArduPilot and OpenAI's ChatGPT, as seen through the MAVProxy Chat module. One developer shows this integration through a test flight here.

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