All relevant onboard components are connected to each other via an ethernet switch. Some components, such as the Herelink Airunit, have static IP addresses listed below. The onboard Jetson has a single physical ethernet port, and comes preconfigured with multiple static IP addresses to communicate with the other onboard components.

Jetson Access

The Jetson is assigned a static IP address of, and allows an SSH connection on this IP. This IP should not be changed.

The Herelink Airunit is assigned the IP address, and the Herelink controller has the IP To communicate on the Herelink network, the onboard Jetson is assigned the IP This IP should not be changed, as it will completely sever communication between the Jetson and the drone controller.


Some payloads, such as the Gremsy Vio and GoPro Hero 12 Black, may require their own networks in order to communicate with. For a payload such as the Vio, the Jetson needs to be manually assigned an IP on the same network, which is 192.168.12.x . A payload such as the GoPro will assign an IP to the Jetson on a new interface that is created, in which the IP is determined by the serial number of the GoPro. In this case, there is no need to assign any further IP addresses.

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