Download & View Logs

How to view and get the flight logs and Jetson logs.

Flight Logs

To download the flight logs, first enable the hotspot on the drone controller. Download QGroundControl on your computer, and connect to the controller's hotspot. From QGroundControl, you can download the logs directly. Detailed information about establishing the controller hotspot and connecting to the hotspot is located here. More information about the log download process in QGroundControl can be found here.

Controller Hotspot

  1. Slide down the notifications from the top left of the screen

  2. Press and hold the Wifi symbol

  1. Select Settings -> Tethering & portable hotspot

  1. Select Set up Wi-Fi hotspot

  2. Configure the name and password as you choose

Log Download

In QGroundControl, go to Analyze->Log Download and you will find the log files. Click Download to get the log file.

Log Viewing

There are many online tools to view downloaded logs. Ardupilot has a UAV log viewer that can be used.

To do so, go to and drag your log file into the top left box.

Once the file is loaded and processed, select the graph you would like to see. For example, under Plot Individual Field -> BARO[0], we select Alt (m).

Jetson Logs

For development purposes, payloads and services will store their logs on the Jetson in /flyby/log. Each stream and payload registers itself with the drone, and these interactions are logged in the file /flyby/log/drone.log. This log will contain all the relevant information about the drone and controller communication as it pertains to streams and payloads.

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