1. Storing Batteries

    • Q: How should I store the batteries if I'm not using them for about a week?

    • A: If the batteries were at approximately 45V when you shut down, you can leave them on the desk, not plugged into anything. There is no specific draining procedure needed. We recommend storing them at 44V-45V.

  2. Details of the Sensors/Lenses

    • Q: What are the details of the sensors and lenses being used?

    • A: We currently support the Sony LR1 with a 3-axis gimbal, which uses an FE 24mm F2.8 G Full-frame Wide-angle Prime G Lens. The LR1 is compatible with most Sony E-mount lenses, including SEL35F28Z, SEL35F18F, SELP1635G, SEL28F20, and SEL40F25G. We also support the Gremsy Vio G1 and the Gremsy Vio F1, which house a laser range finder, a 4K Sony Block sensor and a 640x512 resolution thermal sensor, with more information found here.

  3. Development Drone and Jetson

    • Q: What compute/GPU draw can we expect from the Jetson?

    • A: Background services running on the Jetson do not use compute/GPU power. Future expansions may change this, but any additional processes can be disabled.

    • Q: Is there any specific guidance for running software on the Jetson?

    • A: You can use docker to run any containers with any configurations. SSH access is provided.

    • Q: How is video/imagery obtained from the camera by the Jetson?

    • A: A software API will allow 3rd party apps to access the video/imagery from the camera.

  4. Telemetry Data

    • Q: What forms of telemetry can we expect from the drone?

    • A: We provide GPS, IMU, and camera data.

    • Q: What format is the telemetry in and how is it accessed?

    • A: Telemetry is forwarded using Mavlink packets and can be accessed through a UDP port on the Jetson.

    • Q: Is there known latency/lag for the camera or telemetry?

    • A: The latency/lag is currently unknown. We can test this if it is a significant concern.

  5. Powering the Jetson

    • Q: Is there a way to power the Jetson via plug (without batteries)?

    • A: Plugging in one battery without powering the motors allows for several hours of development time. You can switch batteries to continue working while charging the other.

  6. Re-Flashing the Jetson

    • Q: Can we re-flash the Jetson, and what are the necessary drivers?

    • A: Re-flashing the Jetson is not recommended as it would delete necessary drivers and disrupt communication with the flight controller. You can disable the GUI and remove unnecessary components, but this has not been tested. There are no issues with installing CUDA or using Docker.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or need further assistance.

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